"Safety is our utmost priority"

With a comprehensive range of equipment that is used in a wide variety of road vehicle fuelling and industrial applications, we are proud to have become a market leader in our field and trusted partner of numerous national and international fleet operators.

Our bespoke infrastructure for input and output gases (compressed biomethane, liquid biomethane, compressed natural gas, liquid natural gas, hydrogen & nitrogen), high pressure storage banks and transport trailers – as well as dispensing equipment and pumping systems – are all of the highest quality and adhere to the strictest of industry regulations.

Our experienced team is able to assist with the removal of redundant or decommissioned gas tanks using Nitrogen for the purging of systems and vessels to make them safe for further purpose, and is able to certify that containers are gas free, non-flammable and no longer deemed hazardous.

  • Infrastructure for input and output gas refuelling stations and gas process plants for industrial processes off grid
  • High pressure storage banks and tube trailers for the transportation of CNG, LCNG and biomethane gases to site
  • Supply and manufacture of priority panels
  • Portable gas pods for the transportation of gas to aid vehicle recovery for maximum fleet up-time, to support engine testing and for use during vehicle builds
  • Gas for the testing & commissioning of gas engine generators
  • Written schemes of examination (WSE) for overall safety maintenance plans

The installation of additional modular high-pressure gas storage banks can work in line with any fleet expansion, and our high-pressure transport tube trailers allow for the safe carriage of permanent gases under ADR and national regulations.

We offer G59 relay Grid Testing for gas engine generators and can provide equipment and support to ensure fuel is delivered to the fleet for maximum up-time.

Roadgas additionally works with gas process plants to supply natural or biomethane gases for premises or industrial processes off grid, and is available to provide solutions for the storage, control and dispensation of high pressure permanent gases.

For more information about our infrastructure capabilities or equipment, please get in touch.