"Equipment for fuelling & industrial applications"

Taking into consideration customer location, gas availability, fleet type, fleet size and the customer’s expansion plans, we work to design, build and subsequently install the infrastructure that will meet the needs of individual fleets.

Supplying and maintaining both the stations themselves and all related equipment for vehicles operating on natural gas fuels (compressed or liquid gas from the grid or biomethane sources), our infrastructure allows our customers to source fuel independently and make considerable long-term savings.

From refuelling stations to high pressure transport trailers, storage banks and dispense systems, all equipment is manufactured in-house to the highest of standards.

As a team, we pride ourselves on our state-of-the-art facilities and remain committed to the operation of each refuelling station post-installation. Through the development and incorporation of an integrated control system, we remotely monitor and adjust all infrastructure in real time – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

At Roadgas we provide a complete turnkey solution, from the design and build of your refuelling station to the monitoring and servicing of all related equipment.
  • CNG, LNG & LCNG gas refuelling stations and dispense systems
  • High pressure gas transport trailers and storage banks
  • Servicing, maintenance, inspections & Written Schemes of Examination
  • Remote control & monitoring of all refuelling infrastructure
  • Cylinder revalidation and storage bank refurbishment for third parties

We manage projects from initial concept to client handover for all forms of gas fuel dispense. This can include managing all civil works and bringing utilities to site. For large scale projects – and where possible – we source both compressed natural and biomethane gas from the National Grid.

When this is not possible, we facilitate fuel dispense using storage banks filled with LCNG. Larger amounts of gas fuel can also be dispensed using CNG. At all times, Roadgas advises on the optimum solution for your project.

Our maintenance and in-house servicing packages include all statutory examinations for continual safe operation and maximum up-time, and our highly skilled team of engineers remain on-hand to ensure all fleets can be driven at peak performance.

To discover how we can work with you to implement bespoke environmentally-conscious refuelling stations that adhere to low emissions policies, reduce noise pollution and cut costs, please contact our team.

Alternatively, please take a look at our projects and discover how we have worked with others – from Local Authorities to private businesses – to install the biogas refuelling systems that are right for their operations.