Nottingham City Transport

NCT currently operates an urban city centre fleet of 320 buses, primarily travelling within a 5-mile radius of the city and within the city council’s low emissions zone.

In 2016 and following the successful bid for an OLEV Grant, Roadgas was commissioned to build a biogas refuelling station to support an initial order for 53 Scania biogas double decker buses chosen to replace some of the older fleet vehicles.

A complete turnkey project, the dedicated Roadgas refuelling station now pumps 5.5 tonnes of biomethane every night to keep the NCT fleet of biogas buses running daily on its routes across the city.

Having partnered with Roadgas, NCT now fuels the largest biogas double decker bus fleet in the world. This transport network emits over 3,500 tonnes less CO2, 35 tonnes less NOX and ¾ tonne less particulate matter each year, delivering significant improvements to air quality in Nottingham.

Roadgas continues to work alongside and to support NCT with its comprehensive service and maintenance of all its refuelling infrastructure, and provides breakdown cover and emergency contact 24/7 using state-of-the-art technology.