Stagecoach North East

Stagecoach currently operates a fleet of 90 buses from its depot in Sunderland. In 2013 and following a comprehensive review of all operations, Stagecoach opted to purchase 40 biogas buses to be fuelled by biomethane. With a successful bid for funding from the Green Bus Fund (now OLEV), in 2014 Roadgas was commissioned to design, install and maintain the Stagecoach gas refuelling station.

Stagecoach now has 40 buses operating across different routes in the region. The gas refuelling station pumps 4 tonnes of biomethane every night, ensuring the fleet is ready to run first thing each morning.

Stagecoach North East has demonstrated its environmental goals of improving air quality and has facilitated its commitment to sustainable transport and renewable fuels through the operation of its biofuel fleet.

Roadgas engineers visit the site once a month and provide comprehensive service, maintenance and emergency cover 24/7 using state-of-the-art technology.