Veolia Sheffield

Under the terms of its 2012 contract with Sheffield City Council, Veolia was required to run 12 biomethane or natural gas-powered refuse vehicles (RCVs). Having experienced difficulties in the early stages with refuelling, Veolia looked to Roadgas to assist with gas refuelling improvements.

Our team delivered a bespoke, Roadgas-owned & operated LCNG fuelling station which was subsequently installed at its depot in Sheffield. Due to the unavailability of suitable access to mains gas from the National Grid, LCNG was the chosen option. This gas refuelling station is currently on lease to Veolia, which allows the company the freedom to purchase gas from any available source thereby ensuring control of fuel costs.

Roadgas continues to service and maintain the refuelling station, with engineers on site for inspection typically once a quarter. Additional support is provided when necessary.